“Working with Sherilyn, even just the first session, made a huge difference in how I was feeling in my life. I can’t even describe it except to say that I just felt better. I felt lighter. Freer. And happier. I also noticed right after working with her that things started to change pretty dramatically in my business. I didn’t feel ‘stuck’ anymore. I actually got 10 new clients! I also saw changes in my relationships that were positive—like the past feelings had FINALLY been dealt with and put behind us. I was so grateful to her for being in tune with exactly what I needed. She is a very intuitive healer, and even though I don’t understand what she did or how she did it, I know it worked. I saw changes in my life IMMEDIATELY, which honestly shocked me to see how fast working with energy can change and shift things. I highly recommend working with her. She is a very nice, compassionate and friendly person, and very gifted with her ability to hone in on your blocks and then work with the energy to clear them. If you’re feeling stuck in your life, she can get you moving forward. Thank-you, Sherilyn, for all the help you’ve given to me! Very powerful.”

~Kerry L Christensen~

The Marriage Relationship Expert
website: http://KerryLChristensen.com

Sherilyn Colby is an awesome and intuitive SH partitioner. She is sensitive to what your experience is  and makes it the very best. She honors each person’s needs individually and helps to meet her clients’ goals. She is always finding ways to improve upon her resources and thus improve the experiences of her clients. She lives what she teaches. She is dynamic! –P.K.


Thanks Sherilyn! I really enjoyed our session. My back felt amazing afterward! Better than it had in months.

–KG, Spanish Fork, Utah


I had the great opportunity to experience Simply Healed just over a week ago. It was amazing to see the benefits in such a short period of time. I had heard of therapy healing sessions similar to this before, but never had the chance to experience it for myself. While in the session, you learn more about yourself, and the inner feelings that you are dealing with, and how to over come them, whether it is subconscious or evident in your everyday life. My session was over the phone, and I admit I was a little worried about the effectiveness of a therapy so personal over a simple phone conversation. However, after mere minutes into the session all worry vanished. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone and everyone. If  you are struggling with something, have health problems, or even if there is nothing wrong at all, give Simply Healed with Sherilyn a try. You will not regret it.

— Dell R., Kansas City, Missouri


After having a few sessions of energy healing done I have been amazed at the difference it has truly made in my life.  I was struggling with myself and my relationships, but now I am more confident with myself and more understanding in my relationships with others.  I literally feel more at peace in my life. This is an amazing gift from god to help us in our journeys here on earth 🙂 I LOVED each session. The things i was able to feel and understand about myself have made me a better person and allowed me to let go of the past ans move on with my future goals and ambitions.

–Sarah, Payson, Utah

I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be able to work with you. As you have shared your gifts and abilities of healing with me, I have felt greater peace and happiness in my life. –J.J.

Sherilyn Colby is such a joy to talk to! Her positive energy and love shines right out of her cute face. Her willingness to assist me in times of need has been beneficial and enlightening. She is a true example of loving, friendly service. –N.T.

I am excited as I think about the transformation others will experience as they consistently work with Sherilyn. As any individual keeps an open mind and heart as they work with Sherilyn, they will gain an increased capacity to feel love and happiness in their lives. Their relationships will be positively impacted, and their attitude about life will become more and more positive and hopeful. I am excited as I think about the transformation others will experience as they hire Sherilyn to do emotional clearing and coaching with them. I submit to anyone reading this, that I am very confident in Sherilyn’s ability to contribute in a marvelous and valuable way to any group, organization, and individual she is able to work with. I hope you have the the marvelous opportunity of working with Sherilyn. –J.J.