Voxer Energy Clearing-Monthly Subscription

Receive 1 hour of energy work over Voxer each month. Send me a Voxer message and I will respond with the energy clearing that comes up for you. No need to schedule appointments! Have the convenience of sending me a message at anytime. I will respond within 24 hours except weekends. (Please Note: this service has limited available and may disappear at anytime or the price may go up in the future.. Those that get in now will be grandfathered in at this pricing.) **You also have the option of upgrading to unlimited monthly Voxer, if this option is still available.

Only $100/month!

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Money Seeds Mini Course

In this mini-course you will learn:

  • About money blocks
  • How to get fast cash in your coaching business
  • Smoothing out cash flow bumps
  • Online assets
  • How to create more value for your customers
  • 4 Money Mirror Perspectives

Only $27!

Yes! I want the Money Seeds Mini Course!