Do you struggle with challenges that keep you from accomplishing your dreams?

Are you so busy doing what others want you to do that you don’t even know who you are or what you want anymore? Are you out of touch with yourself?

My name is Sherilyn Colby and I love to help people to overcome the challenges that are in the way of them accomplishing more and achieving their dreams. I love to help people to get out of patterns that have held them back so they can move forward and live life on purpose and with vitality.

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Sherilyn Colby


Here is what people are saying after working with Sherilyn:

I recommend Sherilyn and SimplyHealed. Working with Sherilyn helped me find peace and clarity. I recommend SimplyHealed for anyone who is feeling stuck, needing direction, or looking for assistance in things that are holding you back. It was a great experience and you will be so glad! –A.G.

“I recommend, without reservation, Sherilyn Colby as an emotional healer/coach to anyone willing to make positive changes in their lives. As I have worked with Sherilyn, I always come away with a greater capacity to feel love, peace, and happiness in my life.  Every time I work with Sherilyn  I gain knowledge about myself that helps sustain me in making permanent changes in my life. Sherilyn interacts in such a way that I always feel safe, respected, and loved as I work with her. Sherilyn’s influence in my life has been profound. Whether it has been a session of an hour long or only fifteen minutes, I have been very grateful for the time and money I have invested in order to have the privilege of working with her.”–J.J

“I absolutely love working with Sherilyn and the Simply Healed modality of healing!  Sherilyn is a very kind person who loves working with others which shows in our sessions together.  I love how quick, easy, painless it is to release deep emotions, generational issues, limiting belief systems, etc.  I love the balancing of the 7 energy systems that are used in Simply Healed.  It certainly has made difference in my life and how I do things nowadays!  I highly recommend Sherilyn to everyone!” –C.R.

“After a life long conflict with my parents you helped resolved that. I am finally feeling confident that I will be able to have a good relationship with my family that I haven’t been able to have.”–Name withheld

“Sherilyn has a great presence about her that puts me foremost at was. She has a genuine concern to help others heal and reach their greatest potential. Through the sessions I have had with her, I have been able to see a bigger and more clear picture of my self and of those around me. I’ve been able to recognize more clearly unhealthy patterns and recognize that many times there are unseen forces that influence or that we influence. Again, this has helped me gain greater insight and perspective to myself and those around me. I feel I am healing from my core, rather than surface emotions. Thank you Sherilyn for being a great teacher and aide in my journey!”–K.P.